Advanced Tecnology

Saving in consumption, client safety, respect for the environment, efficiency and quality of its parts are the main features of Aestus Design Made in Italy products. Its strength starts from its differences and not from its similarities. All the Aestus Design pellet stoves are hermetic and they are all certified.
The air required for the combustion or for the glass cleaning is taken directly from the outside of the house.
This allows to obtain:

  • Purer air, better combustion quality and more comfort
  • The maximum safety even in case of black-out

The use of the double glasses with the interspace and the dynamic of the air flux that characterize all the Aestus Design products guarantee a high heat exchange with the environment. The surrounding environment is warming up faster , increasing in this way the comfort levels.

The removable opening handle guarantees a simple use, more safety and improves the product appearance.


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